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How does the MPLC Public Performance License for TV  and movies work in practice?

MPLC Public Performance Licenses are very affordable, easy to buy and can be in place immediately.  You pay us a simple, affordable annual fee based on the type and size of your site, location, or business.  You do not need to report to us, or anyone else, which TV or that you show. You are free to show any licensed program at any time and without limits or restrictions.

You can use any legal media as a source. That includes broadcast on television, DVD’s, satellite, cable TV channels or viewed from the internet. – anything that is intended to be “for personal private use only”. When you have an MPLC Public Performance License that removes the “personal private use” restriction from the media that you use.

The only restrictions are that you cannot charge an admission fee to watch movies or programs and you cannot advertise the fact that you are showing a specific film or show to anyone other than a closed group of the patrons of your licensed premises.

If you want to charge an admission fee or promote the showing of a specific film or show in a more public way then you need a Single Title Movie License, which we can also help you with.

Contact us now to ask questions, find out how much a license will cost or to get licensed today.