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I already have a cable or satellite business package. Do I also need a Blanket License Public Performance License?

You do if you want a low-cost way to limit the risk of copyright infringement lawsuits from rightsholders of unlicensed programming included in these packages. That’s because your cable or satellite business package almost certainly does not protect you against such claims. As far as we are aware, none of these business package agreements include any warranty that the package includes all necessary public performance rights, meaning you may have no recourse against the provider if it turns out that they don’t in fact have all necessary public performance rights. And almost all of them offer no indemnity against copyright infringement lawsuits from rightsholders of unlicensed programming. This means that subscribers like you could be left on the hook for potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars of copyright infringement liability.

That is not to say that you do not need these commercial business packages. You very much do, for several reasons. First and foremost – they provide your organization with great content! MPLC does not provide content – we provide rights to air that content legally in public. Second, they provide your organization with the necessary rights to publicly display the channels in their packages—something else that MPLC does not provide. And third, they provide your organization with valuable public performance rights for certain portions of the underlying content, e.g., live sports, channel-owned content, and even some individual movies and TV shows.

But they do not include anything like all of the public performance rights you need to minimize your risk of liability—there is a remaining gap, and it is significant. Our license goes far to fill this gap by covering wide swathes of programming that their business package does not.

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