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I am only showing sports. Do I still need an MPLC license?

MPLC does not currently license live sports, so if you only show live sports  you do not need an MPLC license. But very often before or after “the game,” the channel will broadcast a TV sitcom or movie that likely is represented by an MPLC rights holder, for which our license would likely be needed.

In order to avoid committing copyright infringement, you would need some means of ensuring that nothing except live sports could come on the screen, such as a mechanism to avoid the accidental or occasional showing of non-live sports . Without such a mechanism, an MPLC license will address that risk of committing copyright infringement. Often, establishments like sports bars will secure a license because they cannot ensure the channel will be changed when a sporting event game stops airing.

MPLC Public Performance Licenses are affordable, easy to buy and can be put in place immediately. They enable you to show movies and TV programs in a public or commercial space without violating copyright law.

Contact us now to ask questions, find out how much a licence will cost or to get licensed today. 

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