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I show movies and tv publicly but I don’t charge any admission or viewing fees. Do I need an MPLC Public Performance License?

Yes, you do.

An MPLC Public Performance license is required to legally show movies and TV  to the public or any closed user group of customers, members or other people.

An MPLC Public Performance license only allows you to show movies without charging admission. If you would like to charge people to see a movie–even without advertising it to the general public–then you actually need a different license called a “Title by Title” license.  We do not provide these but we can provide you with details of other companies who do, just ask us.

If you are showing movies publicly without charging any admission or viewing fees and without publicly advertising specific titles, then you will be covered by a simple, annual, MPLC Public Performance License. This is affordable, easy to buy and can be in place immediately.

Contact us now to ask questions, find out how much a licence will cost or to get licensed today. 

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