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Once I have an MPLC Public Performance License, can I advertise a movie or program that I want to show?

Yes: You can use the program or film title and character names in internal advertisements within your building, office, or facility and on direct communications to people that you know by email, text, or letter. You can also use this information when responding to direct inquiries from individuals such as by email or instant messaging.

You can also advertise a “Movie Night” or “Children’s Movie Night”, for example, to the general public, as long as no film or TV program title (or description that identifies a specific film or TV program title), character names, or names of directors, producers, actors, etc. are used in the advertisement publicly.

No: You cannot use the program or film title and character names publicly on a website, social media account, billboard, advertisement, or any other publicly visible media. Bars and Restaurants with minimum age requirements may have additional restrictions on advertising – please contact us for details.

MPLC Public Performance Licenses are affordable, easy to buy, and can be put in place immediately. They are the legal way to show movies and TV in a public or commercial space.

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