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We already have a public performance license that allows us to play music, do we need this as well?

Yes, you do.

A license for playing music in a public space allows you to play music. The money collected through that license goes to the artists, performers, and music labels that produce the music.  This includes the music that is included within TV (in the US, you generally do not need a separate license for the music included in feature films).

To play audiovisual content – films and TV – you need a separate license, and that’s what we provide with the MPLC Public Performance License. The money we collect and share with our rightsholders is shared in turn with the individual actors, professionals, technicians, and other creative personnel that create all that wonderful movie and TV content.

An MPLC Public Performance license that allows you to show movie and TV content in a public place is very affordable, easy to buy, and can be in place immediately.

Contact us now to ask questions, find out how much a license will cost or to get licensed today. 

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