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What is an Umbrella License?

The term “Umbrella License” is another, older name for the MPLC Public Performance License.

We changed the name in 2023 to make things simpler to understand. There is only one license though and there is no difference between an Umbrella License and an MPLC Public Performance License. You may see both names used on documents and materials as we transition.

An MPLC Public Performance license is required to legally show movies and TV to the public or any closed user group of customers, members or other people. The license is affordable, easy to buy and covers you and your business immediately.

MPLC Public Performance Licenses are affordable, easy to buy and can be put in place immediately. They are the legal way to show licensed movies and TV programs in a public or commercial space.

Contact us now to ask questions, find out how much a licence will cost or to get licensed today.