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Will you take legal action against me if I do not buy a license?

We do not like to refer unlicensed organizations to our rightsholders for legal action as it is expensive and wasteful for everyone and can result in exceptional costs for a small business. An MPLC license is affordable, easy to buy, and can be in place immediately so we would much rather talk to you and come to an agreement where you buy a license and become compliant.

Rightsholders bring legal action as a last resort.

In cases where an organization is showing copyrighted content in a public space knowingly in breach of the law, then copyright holders can and do take legal action, and there are many examples of this. There is no need to expose yourself or your business to the risk of a legal enforcement action because an MPLC Public Performance License is affordable and easily obtainable.

Contact us now to ask questions, find out how much a license will cost or to get licensed today.