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Testimonials from Clients

"We fulfill the responsibility of obtaining a license because we respect the opportunity to have quality movies to offer our residents. Without licensing compliance, these opportunities would be far more expensive and not as available to us."

Cindy Copen
City of Fruitland Park, Fruitland Park, FL

"I knew laws existed and were in place to protect copyrighted material. I Googled "can I show a movie in a restaurant" and it led me to MPLC (Motion Picture Licensing Corporation). Their website was thorough and simple. I called them and within a day had our License to show thousands of movies and TV series, legally, in our restaurant. We are proud to work with MPLC, and to do our small part to support copyright and the arts."

Beth Dereli
Manager of Wonderburger, Chicago, IL

"Working with MPLC was quick and painless! With just one phone call I was able to understand the licensing options available to me, and make an easy decision to apply."

Melissa Romano
Lake Anne Brewhouse, Reston, VA

"It feels great to know that we are doing the right thing and it helps support the various artists and content creators."

Brain Hsu
Tony Group Autoplex, Waipahu, HI