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The Umbrella License

One License Endless Possibilities


  • One license fee based on intended use
  • Public performance rights from more than 1,000 rights holders with only a few title exclusions
  • Enjoy unlimited exhibitions without any reporting requirements
  • Obtain content on your own from any consumer source:
    • DVD, Blu-ray
    • Download or streaming
    • Broadcast, cable or satellite television


  • Exhibitions must be free of charge
  • Promotion must fall within MPLC guidelines
  • Rights holders vary according to the type of license granted and intended license use


  • Learn more about the industries we license
  • Contact us for a license fee quote
  • Complete an application to ensure copyright compliance
  • Your Certificate of License will be issued upon receipt of application
  • Begin showing movies, TV, and other audiovisual content with the assurance of copyright compliance!