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Showing video content increases customer sales and footfall in hospitality venues

New research highlights the importance of TV and film to the hospitality industry with 82% of businesses saying TV & film increases footfall, whilst 87% say it increases sales

Our recent survey has revealed that the hospitality industry is experiencing significant boosts in sales and footfall by providing licensed TV and film content to its customers. The research highlights how compliance and licensing can drive business goals within the industry as for two-thirds (66%) of consumers it’s important that the content they consume in public venues is licensed.

The primary aim of showing TV and film, according to businesses in the hospitality industry, is to enhance the overall customer experience (62%). However, screens also play a key role in the wider business strategy with 26% using TV and film to drive footfall, and 28% seeing it as a means to boost productivity. These efforts appear to be successful with 93% of businesses certain they have seen increases to guest satisfaction, whilst a further 87% state it has increased sales, and 82% say it has improved footfall. Lastly, 100% of hospitality businesses identified that showing content to staff increases employee satisfaction and 85% have seen an increase in productivity. 

Businesses evidently see clear value from providing TV and film in their venues. This is even more apparent given that 70% of consumers have actively chosen a venue because it displayed film and television. Three quarters of those who watch film or television publicly believe it has a positive impact on their overall experience (75%). 

The research demonstrates that customers actively choose hospitality venues such as bars, restaurants, hotels and cafes based on whether they provide TV and film. A further key revelation from the research is that two-thirds of customers (66%), consider it very important that the content they consume in public venues is properly licensed. Indeed almost one third (32%) of customers stated they would leave the premises if they understood a business was showing content illegally. 

The main reason people don’t want to consume content illegally is because they want to support the creative industries (56%), which is at the heart of MPLC’s mission. This reflects a growing awareness among consumers about supporting creative industries through legitimate channels.

Rory Shedden, CEO of MPLC commented “The value of film and television, and its potential for businesses is clearly demonstrated in this data. However it is also critical to provide this experience for customers and staff compliantly. At MPLC, we believe our role extends beyond simply providing licenses; we are actively contributing towards creating a community that supports future generations of television and film. Every time a business buys an MPLC license, they are supporting the content creators who make the shows and films we all love to watch. We are proud to help businesses in the hospitality industry stay compliant while using film and television, whilst ensuring the creative industries are justly rewarded for their creativity and innovation.”